Enabling Our Students to Learn

The office of the Student welfare society strives for the development and welfare of our students.

We promote the effective participation of students in the management of studies as well as games & sports, cultural and literary activities etc. under the guidance of the disciplinary committees.

We emphasize that students should show consideration and respect for their teachers, seniors, peers and others in the community.

"The first requisite for the progress of the nation is the brotherhood and unity amongst sections of the society."



Our campus has smart classes equipped with smart projectors to benefit the student learning with all senses. Our whole campus is Wi-Fi enabled with open access for students to stay connected and updated with the modern world.



We try to make our students competent and ever ready to keep up with current world. Our institute offers special classes for the “GPAT aspirants” by providing them questionnaires, quiz, brainstorming sessions, lectures by guest faculties from reputed organizations. We include various courses and programme modules for language and competitive aptitude enhancement, frequent arrangement of mock exams also.