Mr. Izhar.H.Jafri

Director Admin


The establishment of the Hygia institute as a center for pharmacy learning was a small step in the direction of achievement of the vision to educate and empower people.I am happy to see that our college has tried its level best to hold the no. 1 position in the pharmaceutical education sector of the region.

Our college aims at providing the students with quality education and training. The institute offers an array of facilities that cater to the capabilities of different individuals at various levels of education. We have always aimed to train the youth with apt skills, deep rooted sense of social responsibility, strong ethical values and with a global outlook to face the challenges of the changing world.

With this honorable intent, minds with talent and ambition are welcome to join us, to seek their goals for knowledge and wisdom.

Thank you.

Dr.Udaivir Singh Sara



The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences has a mission of achieving excellence in the field of Pharmacy education and research and is to bring it at par with international standards.

As reflected in the Institute’s Mission, we believe that every student deserves a high-quality education. The Faculty is part of a comprehensive health sciences campus dedicated to health education, research and job skills.

The faculty members care deeply about teaching & mentoring our students employing both traditional and modern methods of teaching and are supported through excellent infrastructure. The highly qualified and experienced staff is committed to impart the knowledge and skills in diverse fields like drug design, drug development, natural product and research etc.

Our future generations will be equipped with wisdom, knowledge, skills and will continue to serve our nation.

Thank you.