Maintaining Discipline and Decorum in the College Premises is the main role of the  Committee.

 “No evil propensity of the human heart is so powerful that it may not be subdued by discipline”

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment and self-discipline is one of the key ingredients of success in life. So we try to imbibe the feeling of accountability into the students by showcasing that they are responsible in all ways for upholding the reputation of the Institute through their actions.

The members of the Discipline committee are as follows:

S.No. Committee Members Contact Details
1. Mr. Nisar Jafari 8574783309
2. Mr. Kislay 7317808931
3. Mr.Shom Prakash 8429673449
4. Mr. Anant Srivastava 8318325911
5. Mrs. Varsha Singh
6. Ms. Shweta Singh



Both academic and non-academic grievances of students are met by the active and concious members of our student grievance cell. Queries related to studies, evaluation, attendance, examinations, projects and reports, thesis etc. can be forwarded to the members of the committee. Complains related to Sports, Transportation, I cards, Canteen, Medical facilities, Accounts (fee related), Scholarships, Fellowships, ragging etc can also be put forwarded for best redressal.

The members of the Student grievances committee are as follows:

S.No. Committe Members
1. Avani Gupta
2. Nisar Jafari
3. Arvind Kumar
4. Samar Mujeeb
5. Shoa-e-Zehra

Students may fill form for any acknowledgment:




Objectives of the Cell:

  1. This cell ensures a conducive environment for the academic growth of the people belonging to the university.
  2.  This cell always tries to uphold the dignity of the institution by addressing the concerns (if any) brought into the notice related to equality in offering or receiving education inside the campus.
  3. This cell will look after the related matters (if any) of depriving a student/staff or group of students on the basis of caste, creed, language, ethnicity, gender, different ability.
  4. The Cell shall eliminate harassment of any individual in all forms by prohibiting it and by providing preventive and protective measures to facilitate its eradication and punishments for those who indulge in any form of discrimination or harassment.

The members of the Student grievances committee are as follows:

S.No. Committee Members
1. Avani Gupta
2. Nirankar  Pandey
3. Dr.Sujeet Gupta
4. Santosh Kumar
5. Shoa-e-Zehra



Centre for career guidance and Development is training and placement initiative by the Institute to improve placements and more collaborations with new recruiters in India .

We facilitate Live Projects for students of the batch in collaboration with companies, spread across various sectors.  Summer Internship Program for students of the batch and guiding them are our main focused area.


The members of the Placement cellcommittee are as follows:

S.No. Committe Members
1. Jitendra Madan
2. Sujeet Gupta
3. Harikesh Maurya

Our students have been placed in reputed organizations like