Ms.Tasneem Jafri


“Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave”

I am filled with pride and happiness, and express my gratitude to God Almighty for helping us come full circle. It has been an eventful journey since the inception of this institute back in 2004. Today, we may proudly say that what began as a dream has successfully made its mark in the education and research sector.The unique blend of academics, co-curricular activities and value education imparted at our institute continue to set it apart from the crowd.

I will always strive in the progress our institution to continue its growth in faith and integrity.


Thank you.

Mr. Ishrat .H. Jafri


We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”Franklin D. Roosevelt


Dear students, “You are the nation-builders. You are the movers of technology. You are the agents of change.” The ultimate and real aim of education is to inculcate wisdom and develop vision. In today’s competitive environment, wisdom is all about being one step ahead of others.


I always experienced a yearning to acknowledge my responsibilities and reciprocate by contributing to the growth and development of our society. With this vision I established ‘ Hygia institute of pharmaceutical education and research’ and gave all my strength, wisdom, youth and knowledge to establish it, and I believe that I am at the position to hold enough confidence to say that I have achieved most of what I dreamt of.We are committed to shape the young minds with high moral values to make them capable to face all the modern day challenges in a positive and rational way.

Thank you.