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Hygia Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research is housed in its own premise with an independent campus located in a quiet and picturesque landscape ideal for study and research. The institute is dedicated to pharmacy education and is committed to take it to higher research level. We educate and train tomorrow’s researchers and pharmacists. Pharmacists do more than simply dispense medication. They counsel patients, advice physicians and other healthcare professionals and research new treatments for diseases. In the ever-changing healthcare environment, pharmacists play a key role in the management of patients’ health. located in Lucknow. Founded in 2004, the Hygia Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research is one of the prestigious college of pharmacy.

Hygia Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research strives to enhance the health and well being of the public through excellence in education, research and service programmes in pharmacy, pharmaceutical care and scientific discovery.


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Admission started for B Pharm

Admission started for M Pharm

100% students were placed within a record time period of 10 days only after UPTU declared final year results.

Campus Notes

Hygia Institute: has spacious classrooms with comfortable seating arrangement in the academic block. The classroom and tutorial room are equipped with AV facilities like OHP, VCR and LCD/DLP projectors. We seek quality and excellence in all our endeavors.


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